Bet Winnings

Running Bets:

  • Who will get bit first by Nikolaj, Tala or Lark?
    • Tala has bet “Lark”
    • Laika has bet “Tala”
  • Who will get break the next werewolf grade bed, Tala or Laika?
    • Tala has bet “Laika”
    • Laika has bet “Tala”

Tala Has Won:

Engel Has Won:

  • One “Request” equivalent to being bitten

Laika Has Won:

  • No complaints from Tala for 1 scene for STIS

Alfred Has Won:

  • No Birthday Party for 2020
  • 1 Week of Laika’s time – No cellphone, pack or other interruptions
  • 1 Refusal of a Question from Laika

Bet Winnings

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