William "Billy" Lowell

Regional Manager of Moon Beans Supply Chain


Race: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Powers: Heightened Scent
Original Pack: Southern Spirit



Billy sees himself as the model Red Earth pack member. Starting in High School, he held down a job as a barista in the local Moon Beans coffee house. After graduating he attended University of Colorado to acquire a degree in Supply Chain Management, while working his way up the chain in Denver’s Moon Beans warehouse.

He now sits as the Regional Manager of South West & West Coast Supply Chain for Moon Beans. Having worked at every level of the company, he is well attuned to the flow of business and is considered next in line for Director of Logistics. 

This prestige has gone to Billy’s head a bit, and he has extended this to viewing himself as the best option for the next Alpha of Red Earth. Though his mind is great at crunching numbers and making decisions for the expansion of business, Billy is lacking in the charisma and people skills that make a good leader.

William "Billy" Lowell

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