Tala Selene Leavitt

Actress, Moonlighter, and Werewolf


Race: Werewolf
Gender: Female
Scent: Cinnamon, Bergamot, and Lace
Power: Intuition, Heightened Scent
Original Pack: Western Spirit
Weakness: Mercury
Language Of Love: Quality Time

Moonlighter ID: G-0301859
Current Moonlighting Ranks:
Tracking 3
Combat 3
Search and Rescue 1
Investigative Consulting 2
Negotiations 2
Undercover 3
Magic 0



Tala Selene Leavitt was born in Bel Air, California to two Werewolves, Auden and Sylvia Leavitt of the Morning Moon Pack. She was the fourth born and was the baby for a very long time. Her 3 older sisters and herself were all Werewolves with the ability to transform. For most of her life, she got anything she wanted and didn’t have a care in the world. When she was 9, her mother had another child, a son. There was a lot of conflicts that came no longer being the baby. Her parents expected a lot more out of her and kept on referring to “her responsibility to her pack” and “why couldn’t she be like her sisters?”.
Starting around Jr. High things started to get even weirder. Sylvia started to become more controlling, telling Tala what to wear, how to act, who to hang out with, etc. Her youngest bother started to show signs that he wasn’t able to transform to a wolf at all and only got a few minor abilities. Everything began to revolve around him even more and everyone had to walk on eggshell because of their “fragile brother”. In addition, once a week, the Alpha and his family from the Eclipse Shadow Pack would come and have dinner with them. They would always sit Tala next to their oldest son, Shane Volkov, for this dinner. Tala and Shane became pretty good friends and would hang out at school until around Junior Year of High School. Tala overheard her parents talking with Shane’s father about a “wedding” and “bringing the two packs together”. Tala liked Shane, but didn’t love him and did not like the idea of her future being decided for her.
The night Tala graduated High School she announced to was going to leave the Pack and live on her own. Her mother and she got in a huge fight that didn’t result in blood only thanks to father. Tala took the money that was supposed to be used for College and went off on her own. She hopped from job to job before meeting Lykaia. The two became roommates and discovered Moonlighting and have been their own mini pack ever since.
Tala still talks to her father, who puts money into her bank account every now and then without her knowing. She has not spoken to her mother in years. Every now and then one of her sisters will call asking her to just put all of this aside and go back home to make everything better, but Tala will not do that. She hasn’t seen Shane in a few years as well.

Book 1: Stalkers“I’m Fine”

  • The Girls interview roommates. Becky is creepy, Shelly and Tor are keepers
  • We meet Alfred. This is part of the brief time that Tala liked him.
  • First big Moonlighting Mission! Saving people from a roller coaster
  • Tony, Natasha, and Engel find out that Tala Moonlights on the side.
  • We have to work with Blood Fang to stop a jewelry store robbery. We really hate those guys right now.
  • Tala sets up a fake Moonlighting outing with Engel
  • Trip To Vegas, Tala learns that she tried to Moondrunk Booty Call Levonsworth
  • Halloween goes really bad. We go up against a Peony and loose.
  • We woke up with Owen and now have our Best Pack Brother! He is not happy
  • Tala is worried that Alfred is seriously hurt and tries to look him over by taking off his shirt. Alfred is not amused and starts to not like Tala.
  • Tala starts counseling
  • We meet Hazel for the first time
  • Laika is attached and Alfred and Tala agree for once on her treatment.
  • Primal Claw hunts down Hazel with Blood Fang
  • We meet Bruce, Tala instantly likes him while Laika is skeptical
  • Tala drinks with Blood Fang
  • She finally gets the nerve to ask out Aaron Levonsworth only to find he is dating the nurse Abby
  • She is devastated and walks all the way to Engel’s to talk to Tony
  • She spends the night borrowing a large oversized shirt. In the morning she goes down to breakfast trying to get something to eat before Engel wakes up. This does not work and he comes down in his boxers. It is all extremely awkward and they agree not to talk about it again.
  • Tala and Laika have a huge fight and trash the house
  • Tala keeps asking Engel about his magic, and he finally shows her all he can do is cause headaches.
  • Tala gets kidnapped that night by Becky and the Demon
  • She escapes and Laika comes in with reinforcements
  • STIS LA is Green Lit
  • Tala gets a new car as a bonus for getting Engel on STIS LA
  • Tala has her first moments on TV with a 60 Minute interview
  • She goes with Laika to Colorado for Solstice and kills a deer
  • Tala and Alfred have one of their first big fights

Book 2: Couples“What Are You, 12?”

Book 3: Bullets, Tranquilizers and Magic“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

Book 4: Dark Wolf, Red Wolf“I’m Here For The Tiny Food”

Book 5: Packs, Blizzards, and Scars“How Dare”


Tala’s Things That Only Lulu Laika Lowell Knows List

What dessert can she not say no to?
Crème Brule, though a really good Ice Cream is hard too

What major would have she been if she had gone to college and got to pick?
Hospitality Management with a focus on Event Design

Favorite Dinner?

Most embarrassing Memory?
Before the texting incident, I think Tala transformed at a normal age but didn’t fill out as a woman until a little in later High School. She had a phase where she would stuffed her bra. She had a fight with one of her older sisters and to get even that sister told everyone in the locker room. That took a bit to forgive and live down, but at this point Tala is over it and the texting incident is far more embarrassing.

What is her biggest fear?
Being Alone

How does she usually like to be comforted when she is sad or upset?
Physical comfort goes a long way for Tala usually. For most things it is her default if someone else is doing the comforting. If she is comforting herself, she shops.

What’s her favorite thing she owns?
Tala has a favorite necklace that was one of the first things she bought with her first real paycheck. She spent almost the whole paycheck on that necklace, but she bought it with her money that she earned and it is her favorite.

If money was no object, what would she buy?
Recent Revelation, A Pack House

What does she do when no one else is around?
Laika is the only one who TRULY knows how much of a couch potato Tala can be. When Tala lets herself actually relax and not care what people think she is all PJs and messy hair.

Where does she want to travel the most?
Bora Bora

If she was going to get a tattoo other than her Pack Tattoo, what would it be?
She would probably get something decorative like realistic flowers and lace on her rib cage or other thigh

Does she want to have kids one day?
Tala has talked about the “some day kids”, but that doesn’t seem to be a tomorrow thing

What’s her go-to dish when she have to make dinner?
Tala doesn’t cook a lot because she gets home from work so late. When she does, though, and has the budget (ie: not Tofoodle Night) I think she makes pasta or breakfast foods

What’s the worst she has ever been physically hurt?
Their third time Moonlighting I think Tala broke something. It healed up well but was a thing for a little bit

Who was her very first crush?
Liam Carson in 8th Grade. She finally did date him her Sophomore year, but mostly to prove a point to her sister

Who did she loose her virginity to?
Cole Harrison, another Werewolf. She might have even been Moondrunk when it happened and she ran with him. She would try to act that this fact doesn’t bother her

What foreign language would she want to master?
Probably French. It isn’t practical in the grand scheme of things but it is sexy

Does she believe in soulmates?
She does, and she believes that everyone in the world has a right to find their Soul Mate. She just doesn’t think that she really has one waiting for her

What is her most hated chore?
Tala doesn’t like to do anything dirty, so yard work or dishes or the likes. She doesn’t mind laundry and cleaning the kitchen/bathroom or vacuuming

When she can’t sleep, what does she do?
She probably sits on the couch and watches TV or tries to read a book. If Tala can’t sleep it is because there is something on her mind and she would try to calm it down, but normally she is so tired from work that even when she is stressed sleep is not a problem

Favorite Candy?
Chocolate, especially dark. She likes the little samplers from places like Sees or Godiva

Sushi Yes or No?
Yes! Though it is expensive so a treat

Favorite cultural food?
I think she has two favorites, French and Indian

Favorite cookie?
Toffee Lace Cookies

Favorite cereal?
She is not a huge cereal person, but if she is eating it she would rather have Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Favorite pizza toppings?
Veggies with maybe Sausage

Favorite flower?
Peonies (this was in my head before we made the Vampires XD )

Favorite season?
Summer, she loves the sun

Favorite holiday?

Favorite color?
Rose Gold or Blues

Favorite type of weather?
Sunny Days are the best days

Favorite Trashy TV Thursday Show?
Love Pack

Favorite Smell?
Floral smells in general, things like Roses, Jasmine, Lavender, etc.

Bad Decision Drink

1) Pride
2) Lust
3) Sloth
4) Wrath
5) Envy
6) Greed
7) Gluttony

Tala Selene Leavitt

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