Stormy de la Cruz


Race: Werewolf
Gender: Female
Powers: Rapid Shifting
Original Pack: Western



Stormy is well loved around Duskfall. She owns one of the biggest bars up there and always gives her customers a smile. Even the most hard ass among them will tip her with a $20 and force a crusty smile for her. This is why Orion sent her to Glenwood. Not only that, she recently got a job at Hair of the Dog, helping Sage Williams for the days she does her other jobs and is an extra hand for the busy nights. Even though she doesn’t dress like normal Glenwood, still rolling in her leathers and jeans, she is already a huge hit.
There has been a lot of stress among Werewolves recently, which means bar fights are far more likely to happen. Stormy has been keeping everyone in check though and so far not a single Moonlighter has been needed to be called out to break anything up. This plus in conjunction with her easy to talk to attitude has made business boom at Hair of the Dog. They are even considering sectioning off special parking for Bikes.

Stormy de la Cruz

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