Scarlett Huntington


Race: Werewolf
Powers: Fast Healing
Original Pack: Western Spirit



Scarlett just wants to help those around her and she truly believe that being part of Morning Moon is the best way to do this. Look how happy and safe she is in Morning Moon. You can have that too! Sure it doesn’t come free, but it is worth it. Thing is, Scarlett has never known anything outside of Morning Moon, so sometimes it is hard for her to understand where those she is trying to help are coming from. Still though, there is nothing you can tell her that will sway her belief in her Pack.
So when Auden called her personally to be part of the movement to bring those into Morning Moon, she was more than honored and thrilled. She is dedicated to do whatever it takes to make sure Glenwood comes home to the Pack it should have always been a part of. Poor little lost lambs that just need to find there way, and she is there to lead them.

Scarlett Huntington

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