Mable Swift

Low Key Madam in Los Angeles


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Craft: Pocket Weapons


Looking at Mable, you wouldn’t suspect she is one of the most prosperous Madams in LA, but she is. Need that special girl or guy to fit your flavor? She’s got them. Her secret? She is actually an informant for LA STIS. They let her do what she does, she, for the most part, keeps her nose and stable clean and gives them dirt on the comings and goings of the LA Underground.
There have been a few times in her life that someone has underestimated her and has tried to pick a fight, but Mable is tough and if brawling could be her craft she would specialize it in Spades. She is good to those who work for her, but she expects them to work hard and to follow her rules. If you don’t, she has no problem cutting you loose, there are plenty who would LOVE to work for her and be under her protection.

Mable Swift

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