Kandi Tilki


Race: Werewolf
Powers: High Speed
Original Pack: Northern Spirit



Kandi is just as sweet as her name. She always has a smile and a bouncy disposition. Sure her shorts are a little short and her crop tops a little high, but there is just something so genuine about her. Orion knew she would fit in perfectly with the neighborhoods of Glenwood. So recently she bought a house near Blood Fang’s. She is willing to talk to anyone about anything, and loves making sure to work in how much she loves being in Duskfall. She is quickly becoming friends with all the mom’s around the neighborhood and has no problem baby sitting on a moment’s notice.
She is one of those types that tries really hard to be friends with everyone, especially her neighbors. Community is so important after all, especially in these dangerous times. So she checks in on everyone about once a week. Blood Fang has been especially enjoying her visits considering she brings cookies every time.

Kandi Tilki

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