Ivan Locklear


Race: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Powers: Endurance
Original Pack: Northern Spirit

Moonlighter ID: L – 5887647
Current Moonlighting Ranks:
Tracking 2
Combat 3
Search and Rescue 0
Investigative Consulting 4
Negotiations 3
Undercover 5
Magic 0



Born and raised in Night Rain, Ivan has never known life beyond Morning Moon. One of Night Rain’s top moonlighters, Ivan specializes in reconnaissance and intelligence. He does not just use these skills for LA STIS however, and offers them up freely whenever the alpha of Morning Moon requires a job done.

Ivan and his counterpart Debbie, are Auden’s eyes and ears in keeping a watch on the other major packs. Auden charged him with a long-term assignment of keeping an eye on Duskfall, a task which Ivan treats with utmost important. His dedication led him to cover his skin in ink, just like the wolves of Duskfall, to better sell his ruse when undercover.

He did not question the assignment to Glenwood, though he views it as a small territory to focus such high value resources into.

Ivan Locklear

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