Daniel Beaumont

The Quiet Strongman of the Blood Fang Pack


Race: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Scent: Vanilla, Allspice, and Flannel
Powers: Super Strength
Original Pack: Northern Spirit

Moonlighter ID: G-4114951
Current Moonlighting Ranks:
Tracking 1
Combat 3
Search and Rescue 2
Investigative Consulting 0
Negotiations 1
Undercover 1
Magic 0




Raised in Tennessee, Daniel was brought up with all the Southern hospitality and manners one might expect. Ever polite and quiet, Daniel’s vocabulary is full of “no ma’am” and “yes sir”. He places women on a pedestal and is very nervous about talking to them, which has had both a positive and negative effect on his Moonlighting and day job.

After visiting his cousin, Ace Deerling, Daniel chose to stay in LA and join the Blood Fang pack. He serves as the pack’s muscle, towering over the rest of his pack.

Ace assisted in getting his cousin a job as security, and Daniel is currently working as Evelien West’s personal bodyguard. This has put him into routine contact with Engel Sonya and his personal assistant Tala Leavitt.

Daniel now has a new assignment as Evellen was mauled.

Daniel Beaumont

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