Candace Daskalov


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Scent: Sweet Oakmoss, White Sage, and Overlooked Apathetic Aspiration
Craft: Paper and Words

Superintendent of Public Instruction of California

Candace has been sitting on the Council for a long time. Long enough she is very much ready to be off the Council. But she does a good job, and it is hard to find Dwarves to replace Dwarves on the Council. So for now she is here.

While she is here she figures she might as well do some good. She was originally part of the initiative for the Dwarven side to decide to come out of the Shadows. Now that she is in charge of Public Schools she is working hard to change the text books. Education is still highly biased to a Human point of view. It has been fifty years, it is time for the truth to be integrated as well. All history needs to be told, not just Human history.
A large majority of her campaigns go very well though, especially those involving her posters and fliers. Candance has one of the rarer and trickier of Crafts, Paper and Words. But when she creates, the things she prints seem to come alive. People seem to listen more and think on the messages.


Candace Daskalov

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